EURODOC is committed to protecting your data. Here is our privacy policy, in compliance with the "General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data" that came into effect on May 25, 2018.  


The association law 1901 "EURODOC" is committed to the protection of personal data and wishes to be transparent about the means of collection as well as the use that is made of its database built up over the editions.

For any question, please contact EURODOC :
- by e-mail:
- by mail: EURODOC - 26 rue du chalet 75010 Paris, France

Legal Basis

This privacy policy is based on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Parliament and of the Council (27 April 2016) which came into force on 25 May 2018.

With this privacy policy, EURODOC intends to inform its contacts, partners, festival-goers, users of its website (, as well as users using the third-party platform Festiciné about the collection as well as the processing of their personal data.

Data is collected, processed and hosted by an online software FestiCiné, managed by a third party company SAS Le Village, located at 10 rue des Goncourt, 75011 Paris, France.

Our data is our own and sole property and Le Village is not responsible for its use.

Within the framework of its activity, EURODOC collects personal data and centralizes them on the Festiciné management platform. Here are the different categories of personal data processed:

- Name, first name, date of birth, gender, language spoken, photograph
- Professional activity, company
- Professional phone number, personal phone number,
- Business e-mail address, personal e-mail address
- Personal postal address, business postal address

Depending on your profile (expert, participant, service provider, partner, etc.), EURODOC will use your data
- to keep you informed of news and activities through newsletters
- to publish the network map listing the professionals who have passed through EURODOC, in order to facilitate networking. The publication of your data is subject to your express agreement.
- to contact each person individually
- to report to the public institutions subsidizing EURODOC on the nature of the professional audience of its activities
- to link film information with personal data, in order to facilitate the organization of screenings
- to establish statistics per participant. This data is never and will never be disclosed to a third party, unless you give your consent at our express request.
- to respond to any legal request from a tax or government authority
- in the case of partners and professional service providers: to fulfill a contract

- via the request for subscription to the newsletter
- via participation in a session as a guest
- via the submission of a film project, the proposal of an activity or a professional service
- via the request for a partnership
- via communication with EURODOC in any way whatsoever

EURODOC is committed to respecting the confidentiality of your personal data, using them only for the purposes for which you have communicated them. The above data will not be made public in any way without your express consent, requested in advance. It will not be used for commercial purposes or transferred to third parties.

However, this data may be transmitted to tax or governmental authorities, if they legally request it.  

It may also be transmitted to third-party establishments as part of your care during a training session (accommodation, catering, transport).


In accordance with the RGDP, the personal data collected centrally on Festiciné remains confidential. The company owns the platform but has no rights on the collected and processed data.

The staff is subject to a confidentiality clause and has no right to access the personal data collected by the clients of its platform. Thus, every customer of the company remains responsible for the mode of collection of personal data as well as their use.

As explained above, Eurodoc centralizes personal data on its Festiciné management platform. This platform is secured by a login and password, assigned to each user. Each user is also given, according to his role within the association, a limited access to personal data, through the gradual opening of modules.

The EURODOC team is also subject to a confidentiality clause: it uses personal data only in the context of its activity as a training organizer. We are aware of the issues of confidentiality and respect for personal data.

In accordance with the RGPD which came into force on 25 May 2018, EURODOC undertakes to provide you within one month with all the data concerning you on simple request from you by email, telephone or post, in a usable and readable format. You have the right at any time not only to access your information, but also to modify it and to delete it completely from our database, by withdrawing your consent by e-mail, telephone or mail. As far as the newsletter is concerned, you can at any time modify your preferences in order to receive information that is closer to your expectations.