Gender policy

What are we doing about gender parity and equality?

EURODOC pays close attention to gender parity and the representation of female professionals, both within the cohorts, our teams, and the tutors/mentors.

Our initiatives include:


- Collection and disclosure of gender-related data on our actions every year, with a level of detail that exceeds our obligations towards the institutions that fund us;> Fair wages for all employees, regardless of gender;
- Fair wages for all employees, regardless of gender;
- Encouraging and supporting women returning from maternity or parental leave by adapting working hours;
- Flexible hours to support working parents;
- Adapting work schedules for nursing mothers;
- Training our team, experts, and participants through awareness workshops on SGBV prevention and action;
- Joining the Collectif 50/50 and other leading organizations fighting for women's rights in the film industry, and sharing their reports, events and news.

In our training courses:

- Parity in the cohorts of each session;
- Attention to the fair distribution of speaking time within groups, and to any gender bias in the assessment of the participants’ projects;\
- The adjustment of our training formats to pregnant and nursing women, and to accompanying partners;
- Sharing of information by tutors on best practices and incentives for parity, equality, and the fight against SGBV in the film industry, and on local, national, and international organizations working for women's rights in the audiovisual and film industries;
- Specific attention paid to the representation of female professionals among the guest speakers, specialists and experts who take part in each training session, and in the teaching curriculum (filmographies, etc.).

EURODOC is committed to continually renewing its thinking and policies on this subject, with a view to changing practices and attitudes in the film industry.