Founded in 1999, EURODOC is an international, selective, in-depth, and intensive training program in creative documentary development and production, boasting a 25-year-long history and community.

Its core mission, since its birth, is the conception and the organisation of a yearly training program dedicated to producers based in Europe (70% European, 30% non-European) who are in the process of developing a particular creative documentary project, and more broadly to professionals involved in the institutional, corporate or non-profit support to the nonfiction film sector. While our office is based in Paris, we have so far operated in 30 different countries, in partnership with 67different local, regional or national film funds.

We provide professional development workshops for producers by producers, which combine training, mentorship, community and industry access (in order to empower and elevate participants in their careers).

Over the years, EURODOC has become an acclaimed label for film production quality. The main goals of the training are multi-folded: to improve the development of bold documentary projects with European and international potential; to champion creative documentary and producers who defend their authors, in a market context that is not fully supportive of the genre; to strengthen the international dimension of small and medium-sized companies:

  • to foster transnational and multicultural cooperation, within Europe, and between Europe and the Global South; to set-up a robust network of people, skills, production capacities;
  • to empower professionals hailing from European countries with low production capacity but also from the Global South; to contribute to the sharing of good practices in the sector, i.e fair co-production, ethical filmmaking, diversity and parity, sustainable and eco-friendly actions;
  • to act as a laboratory for innovative production tools when it comes to new documentary formats and broadcasts.

The main training is structured in 3 one-week residential sessions, held annually in 3 different European venues, between March and October. Every cohort is thus trained over 8 months. Additional online activities are organized in between the sessions.

Throughout the training, basic fundamentals to very technical aspects of production are covered. Participants acquire strong skills, diverse know-how and improve their projects on all grounds. All EURODOC sessions are taking place in places with access for people with reduced mobility.

For all other disability situations, the EURODOC team is available to set up an adaptation of the training according to special needs of the participants.

The team

Nora Philippe
Program Director
Marie Pourcelot
Program Coordinator
Milena Lukac
Alexia de Montalembert


EURODOC is co-funded by Creative Europe Program of the European Union, Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée (CNC), Procirep and LaScam, and all the partners hosting the sessions.

EURODOC is a proud member of DAE, ECOPROD, Cinémathèque du documentaire, International Documentary Association and Collectif 50/50.


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