THE FISHERMAN'S SHADOW / L'ombre du pêcheur
Project status : development
DUE : 0000
Duration : 52'

Aid worker, musician, art scholar… despite his many facets, in his ordinary life Joan Reverté fights every day to destroy the mask that made him famous in Spain and Latin America in the first decade of the XXI Century. For the audience and for the public he will always be Padre Jony, the priest who believed that he could face the hierarchy of the Spanish Catholic Church and spread the Christian message through heavy and hip hop.

Hyperactive and tireless, from 2005 to 2012 Padre Jony became a media figure, socially committed, admired for proposing a renewal of the Catholic discourse. Loved by thousands of believers from around the world; others also feared him. Heavily criticized by the most ultraconservative sectors of Catholic orthodoxy, after suffering serious attacks by some of the members of the Ecclesiastical Hierarchy, by the end of 2012, Joan Reverté started a process of inner reflection and self- study.

The commitment with the Syrian refugees through his Foundation has given him a new life impulse after three years of depression, illness and dispersion. Now Joan Enric looks himself in the mirror. Lots of questions flies over the film. Who really is Joan Enric Reverté? And who really was was Padre Jony? A deceiver? A dreamer? A rebel?

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