Delivery date : 2017
Duration : 72'
DIRECTOR : Susana De Sousa Dias
PRODUCER : Ansgar Schaeffer
Eurodoc 2003

Throughout forty-eight years Portugal lived under a dictatorial regime. During that time there were women and men who put up resistance, swapping their normal lives for an ideal. Many were arrested, tortured, or lived life underground. Many had children, the product of better times and the opportunity to develop and enjoy a relationship. Soon, however, they would have to give up those children, as a true family did not correspond to the realities experienced. Contacts were scarce and made under a dense security blanket: informers and spies were a real danger. Many children were only reunited with their parents after the fall of the dictatorship. Others lost their faces in the depths of their memories. While some would never forgive their parents for having abandoned them for the sake of an ideology, others would follow their path embracing similar ideals. Who are these boys and girls, today? What place do they have in the world? How do they deal with their own identity?

  Partners :
Les Films de l'Après-midi, François d'Artemarre, France

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