Delivery date : 2017
Duration : 90'
DIRECTOR : Sonia Kronlund
PRODUCER : Maud Huynh
COMPANY : Gloria Films

This is the story of Salim Shaheen, the most prolific and popular actor-director-producer in Afghanistan, maker - so far - of 108 films, inspired by Bollywood and Hollywood but shot in Kabul, which he calls "Nothingwood ". A man who believes in the cinema in a way no one believes in it elsewhere, like a sort of Ed Wood on a much grander scale, powerful and generous, who deploys boundless energy in shooting Z-movies seen by hundreds of thousands of Afghans. He has survived every war, every regime and every form of censorship without ever stopping filming. Will the departure of the last foreign troops in Afghanistan, the possible return to power of the extremists, overcome this faith in moving pictures? That is the question that my film will ask while retracing an exceptional life closely mingled with the history of Afghanistan over the last 30 years.

  Partners :
Made in Germany / coproducer
CNC - Avance sur recette
Creative Europe (development funding)
Pyramide (sales agent, France)

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