EURODOC is a training programme designed towards European professionals of the documentary field developing a specific project.

  • Independent producers of documentary projects with international potential;
  • Commissioning executives from the documentary departments of the broadcasters or from partners in the sector (Film Funds, Festivals), distributors.

The objectives of the EURODOC programme are:

  • to improve the development level of documentary projects of international potential, their financing and management;
  • to present the developped projects to the Commissioning editors invited;
  • to face the technological changes in the field of development, production and distribution;
  • to strengthen small and middle-size companies;
  • to develop trans-national cooperations and to better consider the international dimension, and the various market realities;
  • to set up a sustainable networking of skills and exchanges by bringing together the professionals and the decision-makers of this sector;
  • to take into account the special aspects of countries with low production capacity to remedy the structural handicaps encountered by professionals in those countries.

Throughout the three sessions included in the training programme, all of the basic fundamentals of production are covered stressing cooperation, but without ever having to give up the artistic ambition of your project.

All the basic fundamentals of the production process are covered: Negotiations to acquire rights, relations between the director and the producer, financing the development stage, production methods, budgeting, identification of potential partners on the international level, drafting of related documents, making trailers, pitching preparation, financing, drafting of various co-production agreements that must be compatible with each other, management of the production company, promotion and distribution, the documentary film market and finally, meeting directly with the main financiers of documentaries in Europe and beyond.

More than fifty experts are invited every year: producers, lawyers, consultants, commissioning editors and distributors.

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