EURODOC PROGRAM | Application guidelines


Each year, Eurodoc is the opportunity to bring together a wide variety of professionals, with different skills and backgrounds – making for an extremely rewarding experience for those who participate in our groups. The selection is done in december of each year with a special attention  paid to the following criteria:
• The quality of the project and its international potential;
• The quality of the candidate and his or her track record;
• Evaluation of language skills (English and French);
• Ensuring a good balance between the different European countries.
Eurodoc encourage the participation of professionals from low production capacity countries.


Participants with project:

A maximum of 26 producers with a documentary project (one-offs or transmedia) with real international potential are selected each year.


Participants without project:

The programme is also open to professionals from documentary departments of a broadcaster or from institutions defending, promoting and funding documentary productions (around 4 participants per year).


Eligible participants:

  • Professionals from country member of the European Comunity or a country which has signed an agreement with the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union;
  • Non-European professionals: Eurodoc can select each yer 20% of non-European participants to take part in the training (maximum 5 or 6 participants each year).


Participation fees:

  • Pedagogical cost for European participants: 2,800 € ;
  • Pedagogical cost for non-European participants : 1,400 €.
    Accommodations and travel costs for the three sessions are also at the expense of participants (estimated cost: 1,000 € per session).


Eurodoc allocates a few scholarships that cover a part of the accomodations costs for the sessions. Priority is given to participants from countries with no support mechanisms or from low production capacity countries. We encourage participants to apply for financial support with their national or regional funding bodies first. Each year, Eurodoc develop partnerships to strengthen financial support for participants.


Call for applications 2019 is open until November 13th, 2018