For over 15 years, EURODOC has progressively become one the leading training programmes in Europe designed for documentary film producers who want to enhance the development stage of their projects on the international level, as well as for commissioning editors from the documentary departments of television stations and funding institutions.
EURODOC fosters the development of documentary film projects in a highly demanding and creative way.

We are pursuing this work with an open mind and curiosity concerning the new formats and outlets for documentaries in order to help new generations of producers deal with a fast-changing market.

It has been 3 years that we are organizing short Master Classes with major players in the audiovisual world and new media.
Considering the significant changes occurring in the fields of production, distribution and broadcasting, the objective is to gain in-depth understanding of how the main protagonists are tackling these changes today.
Although the training programme is mainly focused on the film project presented by each producer, the idea here is to provide a personal approach to understanding the future direction television channels are planning to take and how they make their decisions.

EURODOC facilitates meetings and relations among the most active professionals in the documentary sector in a number of European countries and beyond using their documentary projects as a basis.
Once the training programme is completed, approximately 80% of the participants’ film projects are produced.

Today, EURODOC is a network composed of nearly 950 professionals from 59 countries around the world.

EURODOC would not exist if it weren’t for its long-term partnership with the Creative Europe - MEDIA programme and the European Community, the Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée and Procirep, as well as the support of its host partners at each of the sessions.


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