Do you think the training will have an impact on your future work? In what way?

La formation EURODOC aura-t-elle des incidences sur votre travail? Dans quel sens?

Une très grande importance puisqu’il m’a permis de signer avec un co-producteur solide.
D’avoir un premier contact positif avec les chaines, et d’avoir une bien meilleure vision du marché et des stratégies à adopter pour la suite du travail. Egalement un meilleur savoir-faire pour ce qui est du contenu et de la présentation des dossiers.

J’ai appris à mieux appréhender les difficultés de négociation et de recherche de financement. La relation avec les producteurs dans la manière de gérer leur dossier s’en trouvera changée et améliorée mais comme je travaille dans une administration, j’ai aussi certaines contraintes. (Ms Annabelle LANGLOIS – CNC, France)

Structuration et définition des priorités de la société de production, accélération des retours sur projets/ financement grâce à la mise en réseau/contact direct avec certains décideurs des chaines de télévision ; mise en réseau/contact direct avec les producteurs participants rendant plus aisée la coproduction internationale. (Mr Olivier DUBOIS – NOVAK PROD, Belgique)

I think that the training will influence my future professional life from several aspects. In group sessions my analysis skills had improved, and the European financing schemes are much clearer than before. The meetings I had with other participants and also experts at the third session will hopefully result in future collaborations.
(Ms Sara LAZSLO – CAMPFILM, Hungary)

The training was very positive on my project and also on myself. I got a lot of things, now I can be more confidence and sure of what I would like to produce and why. Especially I got the European panorama – the system of it and the potential of Europe co-production. I will make more international story and I will try to coproduce with European partners – and not just European. (Mr Simone CATANIA – INDYCA, Italy)

Definitely! My network of documentary film producers around the world is really strong now, and I will have some projects coproduced with my new colleagues.
(Ms Zdenka GOLD – SPIRITUS MOVENS, Croatia)

Yes, for sure. I have broaden my network a lot during the session – both in relation to the CEs but foremost to a new network of producers. I have already initiated some new collaborations. I believe this is one of the strongest parts of the workshop!

Eurodoc has helped enormously and it will affect my work for the years to come. It has shaped my view as a producer and helped me understand the mechanisms of producing at an international level. Also, it has really helped me network, expand my producing knowledge and grow professionally. (Ms Vicky MIHA – BOO PRODUCTIONS, Greece)

EURODOC fostered my awareness of the public role that I have as a documentary film producer. The training was very effective in pointing out the need of questioning one’s professional practice and assuming the responsability as a key element for making good cinema. I also found very relevant the non-conformist approach taken throughout the whole training.
(Mr Paolo BENZI – FABER FILM, Italy)