A meeting platform for creative and productive exchanges between commissioning executives of Europe and abroad.


Documentary, as a means of expression, knowledge, memory, and thought, is at the core of the future of democracy, whereas public television plays a paramount role in Europe and in the world for its developments.

Eurodoc Executives Seminar is a platform for the exchange and transmission of, and reflection on, the professional experiences, ideas and visions of commissioning executives from international public televisions and funds. The seminar provides an ongoing genuine professional development moment: a unique opportunity for inspiring and open-minded deliberation on the complex issue of facilitating the creation, and on the dissemination of documentary works.



During the third Eurodoc session, a one-day Executives Seminar is organized as a timely opportunity for a certain number of Commissioning Editors who are invited to conduct individual meetings with the Producers in training.

The Seminar focuses on three powerful aspects of the profession:

1) meeting and  exchanging views with prominent filmmakers of auteur-driven, creative documentaries. Under privileged conditions and far from immediate production concerns on the job, in-depth encounters with leading documentary filmmakers (Fred Wiseman, Rithy Panh, Nicolas Philibert or Victor Kossakovsky, for example).

2) screening a rough cut for an ambitious documentary film project and exchanging views with a director and a producer on their work-in-progress – a key stage in the job of commissioning editors – provide a real life example of how documentaries currently communicate ideas, as well as the issue of different formats and new broadcasting media.

3) a series of short presentations to spark discussion on special topics directly related to current trends in the sector.