EURODOC is a training programme designed for European documentary producers developing a specific project with international potential.
Commissioning executives from the documentary departments of the broadcasters or from Film Funds working on regional, national or international level could also take part to the programme.

A meeting platform for creative & productive exchanges between commissioning executives of Europe and abroad. A one-day seminar.
A guest is invited to questioning a specific issue. Selected case studies, brought to the seminar by its participants, are presented and discussed by the group.
What can we learn from each other?

Anne-Marie Luccioni

It is our deep regret and sadness to inform you of the death of Anne-Marie Luccioni who passed away on April 4th in Montpellier.

For more than 20 years she put her intelligence and dedication at the service of the Produire en Région, DocMed and Eurodoc programmes with the ambition of developing professional expertise and networks in the documentary sector. She fought passionately in defence of independent production, a fight that is all the more necessary today and which we will pursue with all our energy.
Our hearts and thoughts go out to her family and friends.

We set up EURODOC International in order to welcome non European professionals in the EURODOC workshops.
They are joining the EURODOC programme alongside the European professionals, reinforcing cooperation between Europe and third country and strengthening cultural and professional exchanges.

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